The Great Movie Ride is where Disney Imagineers mastered their skills in the creation of Audio-Animatronics. As the riders are taken from movie to movie, they encounter many different characters brought to life through audio-animatronics. These robots look practically real and communicate with the riders directly, allowing the riders to become participants in the experience of the ride itself.

While many different audio-animatronics can be seen in many different attractions in many different parks, it was through The Great Movie Ride that the Imagineers presented a new type of Audio-Animatronic, the A-100. These new types of Animatronics gave the animator greater and faster control over the movements of the robot. Also, these new Animatronics were designed to absorb the inertia of a moving body better, resulting in quicker and more fluid motion. This, of course, added to how life-like these robots appeared. The Wicked Witch of the West, the first A-100 installed in a Disney park, is considered to be a favorite among the animatronics created by the Imagineers because of her fluid movements that correspond perfectly with her dialogue and, of course, her life-like appearance.

Check out this video of the Wicked Witch in action: 


The A-100 Animatronics have continued to be upgraded and improved, but it is that technology that powers the Audio-Animatronics of other rides like Magic Kingdom’s Pirates of the Caribbean and EPCOT’s Universe of Energy.

The dedication of the Imagineers, once again, led to the creation of an absolutely breath-taking experience that continues to be a favorite among park visitors. It is through this dedication to the rider experience that the Imagineers were able to develop and perfect the technology that now runs some of the most popular rides in Disney World.