Have you ever noticed that when you walk into Hollywood Studios and then pull out your handy map, you find yourself with a few different options? Unlike most of the Disney parks, Hollywood Studios does not seem to give guests a suggested starting or ending point. In other parks, such as Magic Kingdom, all of the guests typically walk in the same direction around the park. Everyone starts heading down Main Street, stops to take their picture in front of Cinderella’s castle, and then continues in a clockwise direction toward Adventureland. Guests then move along through the lands until they get to Tomorrowland, and then eventually end up back at Main Street to buy souvenirs on the way out. Hollywood Studios does not have an organized, defined layout like that. Instead of having the circular layout like those other parks, it was designed based on the “hub-and-spoke” layout, similar to Disneyland. It is more like a bunch of streets put together to give the feeling of an actual motion picture studio. This park is also considerably smaller than Magic Kingdom and EPCOT.

Hollywood Studios is quite different from most other Disney theme parks in that it does not try to create fantastical environments. Instead, it is designed to make guests feel like they are part of the movie making process. Hollywood Studios is one of the more realistic and informative parks. This park specializes in giving guests the feelings of being behind the scenes, rather than in the movie itself. The layout of the park is crucial to effectively creating this environment. As guests walk down streets that appear similar to those in Los Angeles and view original movie sets, they experience the magical world of Disney in a different way than ever before. It is as if Disney used Hollywood Studios to experiment with new park layouts and to create different environments than those in their other parks.