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The rides in Hollywood Studios go against the very nature of the other Disney rides. Whereas most other rides are a calm journey through specific movies or areas, like Snow White and It’s A Small World, these rides are high-speed and high-thrill: specifically, the Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster and the Tower of Terror. These rides offer fun experiences for the older generations who may sometimes feel out of place in a world designed for children. However, Hollywood Studios offers attractions for riders of all ages. It has been designed as a world that doesn’t pay attention to age, just the desire for fun.

I once went to Hollywood Studios with my aunt (who was 40 years old) and my cousin (who was 13 years old) when I was 17 years old. We all went on the Tower of Terror and Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster and all had a great time. We enjoyed these two rides so much that we actually rode them more than once. It is this reaction that the Imagineers were aiming for and definitely succeeded in achieving.

Even Toy Story Midway Mania attracts an adult audience. Many times, you will find fathers and sons battling it out on this ride to see who can get the highest score. Or, as when I went with my best friend when we were both 18, you can find adults vigorously battling for the highest score. The arcade style of the games makes it a ride that appeals to all ages.

The Imagineers have created attractions that are able to appeal to riders of all ages. These rides are what make Hollywood Studios “fun for everyone.”


Handicap Accessible!

 One thing I would like to point out is that almost all of the interactive experiences attractions in the park are handicap accessible. I think it is important to see that this had to have been done purposefully. Disney wants to provide a place for ALL people to be able to have fun and enjoy themselves. At most theme parks there are very few activities for handicapped guests to participate in. Disney separates itself from other theme parks by providing many attractions for all kinds of guests! This is exciting for families who have handicapped children or parents. These several interactive experiences give the families an opportunity to interact together as a unit.

Hollywood Studios is effectively designed for both adults and children of all ages. The park features films such as Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and The Twilight Zone, which are not typically viewed by small children. Yet, it is highly unlikely that Disney would make a theme park that does not have something for every member of the family. Disney made sure to incorporate images and architectural additions that would be appealing to the children. For example, the Streets of America features an attraction based on the movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. It offers children an 11,000 square foot playground filled with oversized props. They get an idea of what it would feel like to be one of the kids in the film as they explore through 30 foot tall blades of grass, an enormous water hose, and large pieces of cereal.

The majority of the rides have a height requirement of 40 inches or more, which does not include most people under the age of 10. The architecture and design of the park is also geared more toward adults than children. The buildings look sophisticated and modern, unlike most of those in other Disney parks. However, Disney made sure to design Hollywood Studios in such a way that it is mature enough to resemble an actual studio lot and to attract adults, and yet still appealing to young children. This is part of the magic in this park. While the buildings themselves are less fantastical than those in other parks, they are still quite colorful and inviting. Additionally, the faces of familiar Disney characters, including Woody, Buzz, Ariel, Bell, and Mickey are incorporated into the design of the park and can be seen in front of various exhibits. They can also be seen walking around the park greeting children. Disney includes these images to entertain those younger guests who cannot relate to older films such as Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

I am impressed and excited by the Disney Junior – Live on Stage attraction. It is an opportunity for the younger guests to sing and dance with some of their favorite characters. The Imagineers purposefully combine spectacle and interaction to provide a fun experience for all guests. This is done purposefully because families want to use this attraction as a way for all parts of the family to both have fun and relax. If it was all spectacle, the children wouldn’t have as much fun; however,if it was all interaction there would be no time to relax. This attracts guests to come to this park for a well balanced experience, for both the children and their parents! Below I have posted a video of Disney Junior – Live on Stage to show how Disney combines spectacle and interaction in order to provide guests with a unique and entertaining experience. 

Any age, any time you wont want to miss this! Disney’s classic animated film Beauty and the Beast is the foundation for the stage production that is currently offered to the visitors of the park. This live performance opened in November of 1991 and due to its popularity and success it still remains a highly desired show to attend. This mini production, lasting around 25 minutes, recounts the romantic story of the original film by recreating actual scenes taken from the film.

The show’s use of elaborate costumes and vivid set pieces, choreography of dance numbers and extraordinary singing all work together to make the production both memorable and stimulating to its diverse audience. Disney designs the costumes so elaborately to allow the audience to feel as if they’re entering an animated universe or even re-watching the classic film in 3D. Songs from the feature film that are included within the show are: “Be Our Guest”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Belle”, “Gaston”, “The Mob Song” and “Something There.” Many of the songs that they choose to perform are ones that are the most popular songs from the animated film. Disney picks these specific songs to feature in this show because they felt that they would be the most recognizable to the audience; therefore, ensuring that people will better enjoy the show if they hear familiar songs and maybe even sing along!

Escape the heat and head to the ocean! The Voyage of The Little Mermaid is a production that is currently offered to all visitors of Hollywood Studios.

This stage show is a live recreation of the animated film The Little Mermaid. The 15-mintue production is designed for families with kids of all ages to come watch and enjoy the show as they take the audience into the world of the ocean. The show uses live performers, colorful puppets, special effects and movie clips to provide the audience with a break from reality by making them feel as if they are truly a part of Ariel’s enchanted world. The design of the actual reef-walled theater to the exceptional lighting techniques, and even the feel of the water mists effects all come together to make the performance extremely lively. The intriguing show follows the tale of Ariel as she travels through the ocean and into the real world, where she dreams of being, and details her encounters with all different types of ocean critters along the way. This musical production includes theme songs such as “Part of Your World” and “Under the Sea.” These well-known songs encourage the audience to engage in the performance by clapping with the tunes. The musical allows families to get a break from the hustle and bustle of the park and give them the opportunity to feel as if they are transported into the ocean world.

Retail at Hollywood Studios, like retail throughout the rest of the Disney Parks, is definitely varied. While there are many standard Disney shops that sell items such as postcards, Disney plushes, character apparel and other souvenirs, Hollywood Studios has some shops that are unique. One of the most interesting shops is a place called “It’s a Wonderful Shop.”  This small store offers a bit of holiday spirit year-round to the warm climate of Orlando.  The shop is always ready for the holidays, both inside and outside where there is a snowman, snow on the sidewalk, and even a sled that “some kid” left behind.

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Here guests can buy Disney ornaments to prepare for the holiday season.  Through this shop, Disney idealizes the nostalgic Christmas of years past and can resonate with the guests. Disney brings children and adults together through the idealized holiday spirit.