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The technology developed by the Imagineers for Hollywood Studios has given them the ability to personalize the course of their rides for every different group of riders. This control heightens the rider experience by creating a unique experience every time and never allowing the rider to become “bored.”

The Tower of Terror was built with a special motor that pushes and pulls the “elevator” up and down the shaft. This allows the Imagineers to control the course the elevator takes in the shaft during the ride. By keeping the course of the “falling” elevator always changing, the riders never know what to expect even if they ride the Tower multiple times consecutively. I once rode this ride 5 times in a row and I never knew when to expect the drop or rise. This constantly changing course definitely adds a twinge of fear to the experience which makes the experience much better.

Toy Story Midway Mania incorporates a network of 150 PCs that controls the mechanics of the arcade games. These computers assess the skills of the riders at the beginning of the ride and customize the level of difficulty for each rider. This technology evens the playing field between families an friends, especially between the video-game-savy generation and the “not-so-video-game-savy” generation. The personalization of difficulty also allows the riders to feel specifically taken care of by Disney. Technology like this makes the Disney experience even more unique and personal for every park visitor.

In the Great Movie Ride, Disney has brought together some of the greatest movies of all time. These movies have been loved for years and have special places in the hearts of movie-goers. By bringing together these powerful movies, like Casablanca and The Wizard of Oz, Disney has created a ride that feeds on the individual emotions of the riders. This attraction immerses the riders in their favorite movies and makes them direct participants in those movies. The life-like animatronics of the different movie characters communicate directly with the riders. Since different people have different thoughts and feelings about certain movies, this ride becomes more of a personal journey between the rider and the movie characters. A ride that incorporates these very specific feelings and thoughts different people have, allows for everyone to have a unique experience while seeing the same thing.


It’s New for You!

 The American Idol Experience is one of the main interactive experiences to be a part of, at Hollywood Studios. American Idol is obviously a hit television show, so it was smart of the Imagineers to include this attraction in their theme park. There are three main parts of the attraction. The first is to watch.  As an audience member you get to watch the singers perform and then receive feedback from the judges. It is like you are at the real American Idol show. There is a panel of three judges sitting on stage, and there are cameras following the performer. The imaginers purposefully provide people with the ability to participate as audience members because it makes them feel valuable. The next part of the attraction is to vote.  There is an interactive keypad in each seat that allows the audience members to pick their favorite performer. This allows the audience to really become a part of the attraction. The Imagineers decided to integrate this attraction into their theme park because people have the opportunity to participate in something they dream of doing, but never have the chance to. Everyone likes to feel valuable, so why not provide the guests with an opportunity to know that their opinion matters! It will make people want to visit the park.  Also, it gives the guests at Hollywood Studios an opportunity to relax in the middle of their busy, hot day, and what is really special is that no two shows are ever alike! This is an attraction that will be a new experience for the audience each and every time. It makes sense that Disney would choose to have The American Idol Experience because it is something people would come back for. They know for sure that unlike other shows in the park, this one will never be the same twice. Also, this attraction is appropriate for many age groups. In other words, it is fun for the entire family! The Imagineers want to create attractions, especially ones dealing with interaction, that allow families to bond. The third part of the attraction is the performing.    The performers get the opportunity to audition and sing on a real set in front of a live audience with the opportunity to win the Dream Ticket to the real American Idol auditions. As I mentioned before, over the summer I went to Hollywood Studios, and I auditioned for The American Idol Experience, and ended up making it to the performance round. I know that as a guest it was exciting for my family and me to go through this process! There was a stage manager cuing the entrances, as well as a professional vocal coach, and hair and make up artist to glam the other performers and I up before the show! This is an experience you can not have outside of Hollywood Studios. For an entire day, as a performer, you are treated as a star. The Imagineers created this attraction because they know that people will purchase a ticket to the park simply to audition for the American Idol Experience.


I would not be surprised if people went to Hollywood Studios just for The American Idol Experience. The show is among the most popular television shows in theUnited States. People choose Disney parks over the rest because they really do have more opportunities to interact with one another, and other cast members and guests at the park.

Have little one’s and need a rest? Parents, grab your children and come on in! A more recently designed show titled Disney Junior- Live on State! that premiered in March of 2011, works to target a younger age group, preschoolers.  This stage shows provides the young children with the opportunity to sing dance and play along with the characters that are brought to life. This show is the updated version of the Playhouse Disney – Live on Stage! and keeps the children engaged by involving them within the show.  The characters are brought to existence right in front of their eyes through bright visuals, playful puppets and extensive scenery.

The show is compromised of various short stories from Disney Channel’s television shows: ‘Jake and the Never Land Pirates,’ ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’, ‘Handy Manny’ and ‘Little Einsteins.’  This production encourages the little children to get involved in the Disney experience by physically getting up to dance, or clap one’s hands to participate in the show.

Take your breath away, not from a ride, rather from a more exciting and fascinating show called Fantasmic! Different from the other Disney productions, this astonishing performance lasts around 25 minutes and works to combine an extensive light show with fireworks and a water show. The show performed at night, takes the viewers into the abstract imagination of Mickey Mouse and also includes appearances from a collection of various other classic Disney characters.

This out of the box production includes over one million gallons of water, explosive pyrotechnics, and larger-then-life props to encompass the magical world that one can escape to when visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Fantasimic exposes the park visitors to a production very different from the other shows offered within the park, which helps to generate an extremely unique experience that only Disney can create.


One of Hollywood Studios’ various shops, “Sid Cahuenga’s One of a Kind,” truly is one of a kind. This odd-looking shop is often overlooked, but it contains some very interesting wares.

Step right up, folks!

The shop contains an assortment of movie artifacts and signed photographs from movie stars, sports heroes, and music stars and legends.  One of the prized items for sale is the coat that Dick Van Dyke wore during the production of Mary Poppins. There are so many unique Hollywood artifacts, and many guests enjoy browsing the selection. If simple signed photographs aren’t your thing, Disney‘s “Animation Gallery” shop offers film and cartoon cells as well as art, drawings, and other rare collectibles. The special edition cells offered here are created specifically for sale in this store and nowhere else. With both shops, the lure of having a completely unique, found-nowhere-else collectible entices guests and makes them feel important. Imagine if you bought a signed photo of Walt Disney himself! By offering these collectables, Disney makes each guest feel important and makes their experience in the park unique.